Cash Loans

Cash Loans

And my goal is to make sure that we have in Opel a team of top executives that will be cash advance loans to be the ones that have turnaround their company after so many, many, many years of red ink and I think this is a very powerful engine. It is a very powerful engine to talk to the Opel executives and tell them look guys you have been making red ink over the last 10 years if not more. So to tell you things very simply, I am extremely comfortable with the appointment of Mr.

He knows everything about the metrics of the company. And of course he is going to build a plan, from the closing he has 100 days to build the plan. I will be supporting him, but cash advance loans only me. I trust that Mr. So this is my stance, I will be of course spending several days a month in Opel to make sure that we give them the appropriate guidance and the appropriate support. And there will be also a global executive committee within which every month the representatives of the historic PSA and the Opel managing team will be discussing on the way we are implementing the synergies, the speed and the depth at which we are implementing those synergies and we will make sure that there is teamwork between the historic PSA side and the Opel side to make sure that we support their turnaround.

I think it gives us an enormous opportunity to create value. Regarding the ICE engines, though these people are talking about getting rid of the Internal Combustion Engine as you know we are not here to give lessons or to show our scientific power.

Our stance is very simple. We want to make the customers happy and we will make our customers happy by selling them what they would like to buy from us and what they expect from us, which means that we have no huge technology push with our own electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid technology that payday loans will be launched from 2019. What is going to make the difference is the agility. It is the open mindset of our people to accept that the world is changing beyond what they think is right or wrong, which is not the matter.

The matter is we need payday loans to make our customers happy and give them what they would like to buy from us.

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